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Tax issues, medical decisions and a wide range of planning documents can make the process of a death complicated, but we make drafting a Will and Trust accessible to you. The Law Office of Daniel M. Plonsky will ensure that your last wishes are honored. This includes the creation of a Will and/or Trust. We know that peace of mind can come from an effective solution. Let us help you create a strong plan that is customized to meet the needs of your loved ones and see that your wishes are honored.

    Any person who dies in Florida with or without a Will is required to go through a probate process. Probate ultimately costs an estate thousands of dollars and holds up the process of your loved ones receiving any inheritance until the process has completed. A typical probate in Florida takes a minimum of 6 months and can last many years, often times tying up the estateís assets from ultimately being distributed to the named heirs.

    In Florida, you can avoid probate by creating a Revocable Living Trust. A Revocable Living Trust accomplishes the same objective as a will, but allows you, as the creator, more control. Additionally, a Revocable Living Trust offers the benefit of avoiding Probate. For more information read Danielís article: The 5 Essential Documents for Life and Beyond

For a qualified attorney who can help you draft a Last Will and Trust, please call the Law Office of Daniel M. Plonsky, P.L. at (941) 552-1282, or fill out our simple contact form.